Proofreading, Editing, and Finalizing

Work with students to help them understand proofreading, editing, and finalizing their essays as a one-sided conversation that focuses on sentence-level concerns and addresses problems with spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word choice.

  • Formal and Thorough Self-editing Checklist (University of New Hampshire Connors Writing Center): It includes questions on different aspects of writing, such as overall content, sentence structure, grammar and usage, and style. You may use this as a final editing handout, or you may use different parts of it throughout the revision process.
  • Subject/Verb (dis)Agreement (OWL Purdue): Provides guidelines on subject/verb agreement, along with exercises and an answer key.
    Making Subjects and Verbs Agree handout; Exercises; Answers
  • Sentence Fragments (OWL Purdue): Provides exercises for editing practice with answer keys.
  • Eliminating Wordiness (Hamilton College): Includes examples with revisions for writing more concisely as well as practice sentences.
  • Eliminating Wordiness (OWL Purdue): Includes several exercise handouts with separate answer keys.