Reading and Learning Strategies

Students may face challenges in reading texts, so work with them to develop strategies for understanding assignments, notetaking, and reading.

  • Reading Strategies (University of North Carolina Writing Center): Reading and annotation strategies as the springboard for writing.
  • Close Reading and Annotation handout (QC FYW): Guide for developing annotation strategies that both summarize (They Say) and analyze (I Say). Let students know that it’s perfectly okay to write the “They Say” in their home language.
  • Reading Strategies (QC FYW): Simultaneously introduces students to key features of essay and how to use these features to improve their comprehension of the text.
  • How to Read an Assignment (University of North Carolina Writing Center): Strategies for breaking down the parts of an assignment to understand it.
  • Note-taking Strategies (University of North Carolina Writing Center): Provides various formats for taking notes, including Cornell notes, outlines, and flowcharts and concept map for visual learning.